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[Calgary] Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch

September 11, 2011 by admin

I’ll begin with a caveat: I LOVE Cora’s. The first dish I ever had there was the Eggs Benedict with a big pile of fruit next to it. It was so delicious and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Here’s what we enjoyed this visit:

1) Sunshine. This is basically a ham and cheese crepe that’s grilled in a panini press and dressed with a mountain of yummy fruit. It’s totally satisfying and hits all your basic food groups. ;) When I don’t order the Eggs Benedict, I order this dish.

2) Seventh of July. My husband ordered this dish of crepes and French toast, and as you can see, most of their dishes come with a healthy serving of fresh fruit (not the yucky syrupy kind).

All the dishes we’ve ordered at Cora’s are fantastic, the exception being the 1990′s Harvest, which is a French toast made of cinnamon-raisin brioche. It sounded great in theory, but was way too sweet for me (and I like sweet).

WHAT TO GET: Sunshine and Eggs Benedict (though not specifically reviewed here).

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