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[Calgary] Flatiron Restaurant

September 12, 2011 by admin

I had bought a voucher for this restaurant from Ya Ya Calgary. The name sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure why. After some research, I found out that they are building another Flatiron restaurant at Chinook Centre, which should be completed this year. The menu had some interesting items on it, so we gave it a try one evening.

It was pretty early, around 5:00, and the restaurant was fairly empty except for a couple of tables. It is very modern and fancy looking inside, which was unexpected from looking at the nondescript exterior.

Here’s what we enjoyed:

1) Prawn cigarillos. From the menu: “Black tiger prawns wrapped in crispy spring roll paper with ponzu sauce for dipping.” These were okay; they were hot and fresh, but didn’t have much flavour except for the ponzu sauce, which I didn’t enjoy. It was kind of too sweet and salty. Interesting concept, but I think they could be improved upon.

2) Flatiron steak. The chive mashed potatoes were very yummy, but the steak was bland and kind of chewy. It was kind of surprising, because I would have assumed the Flatiron steak would be their signature steak and something special.

3. Roasted chicken breast. From the menu: “Roast chicken breast, roasted mushrooms, smoked bacon and Boursin cheese served with green beans, baby potatoes.” My first bite of chicken was dry. But as I got into it, it was actually quite moist and delicious. I enjoyed the bacon and baby potatoes, and felt this was the best dish that we had chosen. However, my green beans were undercooked, and the Boursin cheese, which I normally love, was just kind of thrown on top in a big blob. I just kind of pushed it off to the side.

After reading some of the other user reviews, they have a lot to improve on. While some things worked, some definitely did not. And consistency is a big reason why people return to a restaurant. Makes me wonder how well the new location will do if they don’t work on the food. I hope for their sake, they are able to iron out the kinks.

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