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[Calgary] Pimento’s Mobile Pizzeria

September 12, 2011 by admin

We tried Pimento’s Mobile Pizzeria at Globalfest this year. There were quite a few food vendors there, and I was curious to try this player in the food truck scene. These were made to order, as there was a bit of a wait to receive it. I heard a couple of people in line complaining about the price, but I thought a good Italian pizza was worth $10.

I ordered the Margherita, which included “Pomodoro, bocconcini and fresh basil leaves.” It was great to eat a hot, fresh pizza, but I was hoping for something more. I found the pizza a little bit dry and the basil tasted bitter. I’ve had a few different Margheritas around the city, and enjoy the ones with more of a buttery, cheesy dough.

I can’t speak for the other pizzas, but I usually use the Margherita as my yardstick for whether I like a place or not. I didn’t love this one, but would be curious to try some of the other pies.

Pimento's Mobile Pizzeria - Chef Mario Mobile on Urbanspoon

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