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[Calgary] Vero Bistro Moderne

April 17, 2012 by admin

Sorry for the late post… we went to Vero Bistro Moderne late last year and I am finally getting the review up now!

This was a place that I had been wanting to try because of a friend’s recommendation. When they had a $20 for $40 deal on Groupon, I decided it was a perfect time to sample their menu.

We had previewed their menu online before we got there, and decided on three dishes: the Crusted Baby Calamari Frito, the Alberta Noble Farms Duck Breast, and Vero’s Signature Bouillabaisse.

Before any of our food came out, the waitress brought us an appetizer on the house. This was an unexpected surprise in the form of a mushroom risotto ball.

This was the perfect little starter. I’m normally not a fan of mushrooms, but the flavour was spot-on, and the little risotto ball was crunchy and satisfying. It was also very filling – if we had known we were getting this appetizer, we might have not ordered one ourselves. Our dinner was off to a great start.

The appetizer we did order was the Crusted Baby Calamari Frito. It did not disappoint – crunchy, flavourful and complex with romesco sauce, lemon saffron aioli and basil oil. Another winner.

I ordered the Alberta Noble Farms Duck Breast. I am a huge fan of duck, and this dish changed my perception of what duck could be. It was served on top of lemon risotto with a blood orange reduction. At first, I found the lemon risotto to be too tart. But once I combined it with the blood orange and the perfectly done duck breast, I was in heaven. I enjoyed every single bite after that; it was so good!

My husband had Vero’s Signature Bouillabaisse. It included mussels, clams, prawns, scallops, fish, calamari, and saffron in a pernod tomato broth. He enjoyed it immensely – and it’s hard to impress him as a non-foodie.

After this meal, we were too full for dessert, but I couldn’t stop raving about how good everything was. You could just taste the quality of the ingredients, and every dish was so well thought-out and executed. I will definitely be back again for a special occasion!

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