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[Calgary] Cactus Club Cafe (MacLeod Trail)

April 18, 2012 by admin

This review is from late last year. We had visited Cactus Club earlier in the year and had such an amazing meal, we wanted a do-over! Here is what we enjoyed:

1) korean style lettuce wraps – braised pork shoulder shredded, papaya slaw, kimchi, korean chili sauce

This was my favourite dish. It was a DIY wrap with really tasty pork and all the fix-ins – rice, slaw, kimchi and a couple of sauces (one spicy, one mayo-like). It was a starter, but you could really have it as a meal – it was so filling and delicious!

2) mini burgers – three miniature cheddar bacon burgers with red pepper relish

Next came the sliders.They weren’t anything really special, but they were some yummy little burgers with a nice pepper relish. My husband liked them a lot.

3) lingcod fish tacos – handstretched tortillas, chipotle aioli, shredded green cabbage, salsa fresca

Lastly, the fish tacos. These were fresh and tasty, with some chips, guac and salsa on the side. I haven’t had a lot of fish tacos in Calgary, but these were pretty amazing in my opinion!

The last time we visited, we had an amazing apple galette, but they had sold out by the time we ordered it. Bummer! I would highly suggest it if you can get it.

All in all, I love this location for the casual, tasty bites. Most of the time, chain restaurants disappoint, but their food is consistently good, flavourful, and won’t break the bank.

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