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[Calgary] Cruffs

April 18, 2012 by admin

I was both skeptical and excited when I heard about Cruffs, who specializes in cream puffs. I had had Beard Papa’s in Vancouver and Asia, and they were absolutely amazing. Could these cream puffs compare?

I had one of those deal vouchers for $5 for $10. We picked up about 7 minis, which were $1.50 each. (The regular size is $1.95 each.) While Beard Papa’s only has a couple of flavours, Cruffs offers about a dozen. We tried Strawberry, Mocca, Chantilly Cream and Coconut, I think? Some flavours were better than others (I really wanted to try Hazelnut), and they were pretty good, but no Beard Papa’s. They weren’t as delicate and flaky as Beard Papa’s, but definitely a step up from your regular frozen cream puffs in the grocery store.

I had given a voucher to my brother as well, but he didn’t think they were worth the price tag. However, if I am craving a cream puff, and I’m not in Asia or Vancouver, I would definitely visit again.

Cruffs, The House of Cream Puffs on Urbanspoon

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