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[Calgary] Double Zero Pizza

April 18, 2012 by admin

The pizza business seems to be booming in Calgary, with Pulcinella, Famoso Pizza, Without Papers and Uno all getting reviews and press lately. Double Zero opened last year and when they offered a Groupon for $15 for $30, we decided to try it out!

Here’s what we enjoyed:

1) “00″ meatballs. This was a house blend of natural pork and beef with a tomato gravy. They were good, but not as juicy and delicious as I expected for $13.00.

2) “pepperoni.” This pizza included smoked salami and spicy calabrese sausage. Again, this was a good pizza, but I think we have be spoilt for choice with all of the pizza options in Calgary. It was tasty, but nothing very special or spectacular.

Pizza seems to be a very personal choice. I haven’t tried all of the great pizza spots in Calgary, but I do enjoy a good pie from Pulcinella and Without Papers. Where is your favourite pizza in Calgary?

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