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[Calgary] T.Pot China Bistro

April 18, 2012 by admin

One of my favourite things to do on a weekend is go for dim sum! Lots of small plates of yummy deliciousness – what’s not to like? Out of all the places in Calgary, there are only a few places I like. This is one of the best.

Here’s what we enjoyed this visit (official menu names of these dishes are unknown):

1) Sticky rice and chicken wrapped in a lotus leaf (or lor-mei-gai). This is one of the more filling dishes that contains chicken and some sticky glutinous rice, all wrapped up in a little package for you or for a couple of people to share. These are wrapped on the small side, so you could eat one to yourself if you like. I find that even the less adventurous types will enjoy this dish.

2) Shrimp rice rolls (or ha-cheung). The sign of a good dim sum place is fresh, bountiful shrimp. T.Pot always delivers on this front. These shrimp are wrapped in rice rolls and covered with a dark soy sauce.

3) Shrimp dumplings (or ha-gow). These are also shrimp, this time wrapped in a lovely little dumpling form. A true staple of any dim sum outing. These are huge and yummy and delicious!

4) Beef balls. Not everyone likes these, but they are basically ground beef into a meatball form covered with Worcestershire sauce. My dad loves these, and so do I. One of those childhood favourites, I guess.

5) White turnip cake (or la-bak-goh). This is one of my absolute favourite dishes to order, but it must be fresh! It’s white turnip mixed with various meats and then pan fried into a little square. Kind of like a Chinese version of a hash brown, maybe? Anyway, I love these, even though I usually am the only one at the table eating it.


6) Oily stick in a rice roll (or ja-luerng). Oily stick… how appetizing can that be? The marketing guys must have been out at lunch when naming this one… This is a fried doughnut wrapped up in a rice roll. You dip it in this lovely peanut butter sauce, and it’s delicious! Not healthy by any means, but usually a favourite loved by all, especially little kids.

7) Beef chow fun. And, if all of the above dishes were not enough to satisfy two people’s appetite (it usually is), you can order a plate of noodles to fill you up. These are a bit on the greasy side, but usually what you expect when you order fried noodles at a Chinese establishment.

As I mentioned before, T.Pot is one of my favourite dim sum spots, if not my absolute have. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but I think it’s worth it for the quality.

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