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[Las Vegas] Buffet (Bellagio)

April 18, 2012 by admin

People seem to have a love-hate relationship with buffets. We usually do just the Wynn buffet, but on this trip we actually tried a few of them. Because we stayed at the Bellagio and it was our 10-year anniversary, we were given a front-of-the-line pass to use during our stay. This was awesome, because sometimes you can wait upwards of an hour in line for a Vegas buffet.

We went a couple of times, during breakfast on a weekday and during “brunch” on a weekend. I would recommend going on a weekday because the price is usually cheaper. Also, if you can time it right, you can go for breakfast and stay during lunch as they change over the menu. For the weekday breakfast, it was $17 a person, which is completely reasonable as it comes with juice and coffee and so much selection. When we went on the weekend, it happened to be an “Easter Brunch,” which also included crab legs and prime rib. With the additional selection and “special occasion,” the price went up to $37 a person.

For breakfast, I definitely recommend the omelettes. These are made to order, and it’s interesting just to watch the chef create the most fluffy, delicious omelettes, sometimes six at a time. This was probably the best omelette I’ve had, ever.

Other highlights were the fresh fruit and, if you go during lunch, try the shrimp salad rolls – these were amazing!

Eggs Benedict is tricky at a buffet. You need to time it perfectly so you get it right after it’s served. Otherwise, it will be way overdone by the time you eat it. And the whole point is to have a lovely, runny egg, no?

I had tried the Bellagio buffet years ago for dinner and wasn’t especially impressed. (It also could have been that we were buffet-ed out by that point.) This time, for breakfast/lunch, I think it was a great option to get some quality food with a lot of variety.

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