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[Las Vegas] In-N-Out Burger

April 18, 2012 by admin

There are a few places that I always love to visit in Vegas, and In-N-Out is usually on the list! Their burgers are so simple yet delicious, and it’s a nice break from all the excess and extravagance on the Strip.

Their menu is very simple: you can order a burger, a cheeseburger, or a double. Oh, and they have fries and shakes too.

I usually just get a regular burger or cheese burger, but I decided to go for the double this time in lieu of my own fries (still stole a few from my husband). Their bun is simple and a bit sweet, the patty is homemade and they put the right amount of lettuce and tomato for that really yummy homemade taste. Their fries are made on premise – these are great little matchstick fries with just a bit of salt on them. Perfection!

I would actually recommend the regular size burger over the double. The double had TWO beef patties and TWO slices of cheese, so I felt like I was going to have a coronary afterward. Plus, it made the whole bun/meat/veg ratio a little off, which is always an important factor (for me at least) when eating a good burger!

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