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[Calgary] Seoul Korean BBQ

August 1, 2012 by admin

Korean BBQ is one of those rare treats that we have, usually for a special night out with friends. The last time I had gone here with some girlfriends from work, and we loved it! We were so stuffed, and everything was so delicious and tasty. This time around, I came with my husband and brother-in-law. It wasn’t a special occasion, but the food was amazing once again.

Here’s what we enjoyed:

There are several different options when you order Korean BBQ. You can order dishes separately, as part of a set meal, or go the all-you-can-eat route. The set meal and the all-you-can-eat option was actually comparable in price if you go with three people. The set meal, which included various meats, seafood and a seafood pancake was around $70, while the all-you-can-eat was around $25 a person.

We decided to go for one of the set meals just to make ordering easy. You also have the option of cooking yourself, which is definitely fun with friends, or having the kitchen cook everything for you. We went this route to again make it easy on ourselves, and hopefully have less of a Korean BBQ smell left on our clothes when we left. (It doesn’t really matter either way, just make sure you don’t wear a sweater or wool coat or anything that really holds smells in.)

We started off with a yummy seafood pancake, a surprisingly tasty salad, and an assortment of Korean side dishes. These are always a fun little bonus when you’re out eating Korean food. They also serve as condiments as you wrap the meat into the lettuce wraps provided.

The beef included beef ribs and sliced beef. The sliced beef was probably our favourite of the night.

There were also shrimp and oysters, chicken and pork. It was more than enough food for three people… I think it would feed four people just fine. Everything was very good and we left in the usual meat coma.

This isn’t an everyday or every week type of restaurant, but once in a while it’s great to treat yourself to some delicious Korean BBQ! I especially like the option of having the kitchen cook everything for you. :)

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