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[Calgary] Sumo Lounge

August 1, 2012 by admin

We had a Groupon for Sumo Lounge, so we decided to go for dinner one Saturday night. We’ve been to Sumo Lounge before, but usually at the Sunridge Mall location. They usually have decent Japanese food/rolls for the price – nothing spectacular, but good when you’re just cruising around the mall.

When we first arrived, we were asked if we had a Groupon. I wasn’t sure if we needed reservations or not, but it seemed to be fine. Here’s what we enjoyed:

1) Seafood Steam Pot – One pound of mussels served in clam broth, garlic and white wine. I’m not a huge mussel fan, but my husband loves them and thoroughly enjoyed these ones.

2) Pork Gyoza - Pan fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork and veggies. I love the silky smooth texture of Japanese gyoza compared to Chinese dumplings, and these were delicious.

3) Regular Tempura - Veggies and shrimp. A must whenever we go for sushi. Can really vary depending on batter and oiliness. These ones were good and not too greasy.

4) Maki and Sushi - Salmon, white tuna, prawn, California roll, dynamite roll and Sumo house roll. This combo offered a lot of variety, and the rolls were enjoyable. (We are not huge sushi connoisseurs, but they passed the test with us!)

Overall, we found the dishes and variety of food very good at Sumo Lounge. We would return again, with or without a Groupon.

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