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[Las Vegas] Wicked Spoon Buffet (Cosmopolitan)

August 1, 2012 by admin

I had heard a lot about this buffet and had wanted to try it last time I was in Vegas. Alas, we didn’t have enough time, so I put it on our “to-eat” list this time around. The Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan is a little different from others because it is tapas-style – everything is served in little dishes.

We arrived early in the morning around 9 or 10, so we were able to avoid the lunch rush. This is what we enjoyed:

I really liked the concept of this buffet, but the execution of the dishes really varied. My first plate included fried chicken in its own wire basket (pretty good), Eggs Benedict (usually a miss unless you get it cooked perfectly), and a yogurt (kind of boring).

My second dish included a little takeout box of curry noodles (pretty tasty), a small serving of spaghetti pomodoro (meh), a Caesar salad (decent) and a big piece of meat (little on the dry side).

Onto dessert! I was trying to watch my sugar this trip, so all of these dishes are actually sugar free, which is pretty cool. I think the chocolate dish and the blueberry cheesecake were my favourites, but the desserts at the Wynn Buffet were much more memorable.

And to end off our meal, nothing is more decadent than chocolate-dipped strawberries! Delicious.

This wasn’t my favourite buffet, but it was worth a try and it was pretty reasonable if you go for breakfast. As I mentioned, the dishes vary in quality, so there are others that I didn’t try (like the mac and cheese), which may make it worth a trip for you!

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