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[Calgary] Kol3

November 9, 2012 by admin

Kol3 specializes in ban xeo, which are crepes filled with various meat and vegetables. They also offer pho and some appetizer items, but the reason to visit is definitely for the crepes.

I’m a big fan of ban xeo, so I was excited to try these out. There are only a handful of restaurants that serve these in Calgary.

This was definitely one of the better crepes that I have had. I tried the Traditional ban xeo. This was a large crepe filled with shrimp, onions, mushrooms, bean sprouts, mung beans and your choice of meat – I chose pork.

The onions were grilled, and all the flavours worked really well together in the thin crepe. I enjoyed the little salad that accompanied the dish, dressed with a fish-sauce-based vinaigrette. The portion was also nice.

I would definitely return for this dish again.

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